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Stay frosty

I’m finally feeling a bit better probably thanks to the penicillin I’ve been on for 4-5 days now. I still have the occasional ache, especially since there’s more room in lower part of the mouth now so the teeth are moving around a bit causing some ache. But yeah, overall good. Let’s hope I won’t be needing to pull any more teeth in the near future. I know I will be doing some repairing but that’s peanuts compared to the recent procedures.

Apart from that I’ve had a real good end to the week. Went to visit Sarah & Björn the other day and had a proper taco supper. Was lovely seeing them and the kids again. I’ve missed them, but life happens and sometimes you lose touch with people during certain periods. I’m glad to know that we’re still having fun together every time we see each other and to know that they are doing good. The kids were adorable as always, even though of course going to bed is never fun if you ask them, he he. Then yesterday I was over at Aigul’s place with some colleagues, kind of like a mini housewarming. Good food, good drinks, good company. I ended up being quite drunk, that wasn’t my original plan but it’s often like that. Lots of fun anyway! And I’m so glad that people other than me take the initiative to hang out. Means a lot to me since you feel appreciated and not taken for granted. Thank you guys! ♥

Today I’ve been resting up after. Slept till noon which was probably much needed, because when I first woke up at around 7am I still felt drunk. Thankfully I’ve not been hungover at all actually and I was able to go out for a bike ride today. Haven’t been out exercising for over a week which feels odd given how my routine has looked over the past half year. Was really cold today and I felt kind of tired with an abnormally high heart rate. But it was fun and I managed to stay on both wheels. Was really pretty outside with all the frost. In the evening I saw mom & dad a short while, watched a bit of Så mycket bättre and then hung out with Andreas. Watched the first episode of Jessica Jones, a show that has potential to become as interesting as Daredevil. I like both Krysten Ritter and Carrie Anne Moss. It’s been a while since I’ve seen the latter. Might need to rewatch The Matrix sometime soon.

Now I’m gonna go hug some pillows since it’s getting late. Already close to half past two. Who’s stealing all my hours?! Feels like it’s supposed to be Friday today and still I’ve only worked two days this week. Odd. Hopefully on Monday we’ll be releasing a new homepage by the way. Excited to bring something out that’s better than the current one since that’s been dated already when it was released.

Anyway, sleep tight all of you!













That something so small can cause so much trouble

What’s up?

Just came home from the dentist. Apparently I’ve gotten a slight infection although the healing process is going fine. Not sure how those two can be combined but in this situation they obviously do. So now I’m taking penicillin and hopefully it should all go away in a couple of days. Can’t sleep nor work when it’s like this. Yeah. Bleh.

On a slightly more positive tone I watched the new Mission Impossible movie last night. Fun to see that there are two swedes who both play somewhat big parts. First and foremost we have Rebecca Ferguson (who you might recognize from Nya Tider and White Queen) who plays the gorgeous Ilsa, an agent for the British government. But we also have Jens Hultén (playing Seth Rydell in the Johan Falk movies) who plays the part of Janik Vinter, a.k.a the bone doctor, a torturing thug for the “Syndicate”, the antagonist organisation. I actually enjoyed the movie, and you can’t help but be impressed by some of Tom Cruise’s stunts.

Apart from that I’m also rewatching the Star Wars movies. I’m on the third movie now, Revenge of the Sith, and I must say that I do enjoy the three recent movies as well. Sure, they’re not the same as the first three, but they are set in the Star Wars universe and I do like them. There’s something about Star Wars really. Really looking forward to the new one. I’m sure there will be some magic moments 🙂

Ok, so now I’m gonna rest up and pray that my toothache will disappear soon enough. As it stands now I don’t have any energy to do anything properly which is hella boring.



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