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I just want(ed) to make you smile..

That feeling you get when, and after, watching a movie that’s both heartwarming and heartbreaking. Yeah. Having that now. Not the worst case of it but it is there. You just want to gather up your family and friends and hug ’em and tell them that you love them. Maybe it’s also because I’ve not really been the most social during the past four or five days. The world kind of shrinks on you.

Apart from that.. well, still having toothache. Feeling a bit confused and not in touch with my emotions. But that is also I guess a consequence of the aforementioned. Losing touch with reality. Reassuring fingers in my hair would be fine right about now. But I’ll sleep some instead.


Me and Earl and the dying girl

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What a lovely, lovely weekend! Perhaps not as ecstatic as the last but truly one that I enjoyed and that gave me lots of energy and peace. I feel that I’m getting to grips with my life again. I can’t stress how good that feels. For those of you who do not know how it is to live with anxiety and panic disorder I’ll let you in on a secret. When it’s got its hold on you, you can’t really ever relax. You’re always tense, always prepared for things to go wrong. So it feels like heaven to be able to enjoy things again and not think about all the bad things. Really.

This weekend I’ve been enjoying the weather since it’s been absolutely awesome. Been out biking a lot. Hung out with Sonja and Lars watching a movie (Spy, funny but too long) and talking about things that matter. Also hung out with my best buddy Andreas, playing one of the episodes in the game Tales from the Borderlands. Recommended if you like those episodic, interactive movie kind of games. Today I’ve been cleaning the apartment, went to see Elinore, her apartment and her lil kitty Bernard. Also saw mom & dad for a short time. Feels like I’ve filled the weekend with lots of good stuff and I don’t even feel stressed about it. And not much of it was planned, just spontaneous things. I think that’s the recipe for a good life for me.

Oh and I’ve been watching this TV show called Mr Robot. Not sure that I’ve mentioned it. I think I have. But it’s really good. It’s a bit hard to get into but it grows on you for every episode. These last two episodes that I’ve watched (7 & 8) have been really gripping. Can’t wait to watch the final two this week. If you like Halt & Catch Fire I’m pretty sure you’ll like Mr Robot. Also, I’ve been recommended two movies that I’m looking forward to watch. The Age of Adaline and Me and Earl and the Dying Girl. Both feel like my cup of tea exactly. Might be something for you too?!

Now I’ll leave you with some photos from my weekend. I’m off to listen to some podcasts and enjoy some sleep. Tomorrow’s Monday. Better be rested for yet another good week! 🙂














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