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Tomorrow is conference day

Just did that last bit of packing for tomorrow’s conference. It’s of course too late as usual but I will at least be getting 5.5 hours of sleep. Maybe less, since I noticed Nördigt has released their first podcast episode after the summer break. Yeeeeeeha!

Today was a good day. Productive at work, lots of laughter and a super good bike workout in the evening. Very nice! Halt and Catch Fire has started as well. Season 3 that is. So far I haven’t gotten into the vibe but I’m sure it’ll pick up the pace. Two episodes in they are just setting up the pieces.

Uhm yeah. What else. Well, I fully plan on getting back to the Cykelvasan race. I wanna share what it was like and all that stuff. Just haven’t had the time to sit down and write about it all. This weekend maybe? We’ll see. These remaining days of the week will be quite pleasing I think. Weeee~~~






Fun in the sun

Good days, good days. That’s what it’s like lately. Not doing anything out of the ordinary, still being really pleased with the situation. T minus one day till I get to experience what it’s like to pull a tooth again. Lovely. But at least I’ve taken the day off. So that’s nice, hehe.

Today was like christmas. Got my Forerunner running and activity watch, and thanks to my lovely cousin I also got some new Craft training wear. If you’re exercising do yourself a favor and invest in proper clothes. It matters! It really does. I always hated getting too hot and stuff before, now I don’t really think about the clothes at all. They do their thing. Love it.

All that’s left now is the spinning bike, then I’m ready for autumn and winter! And to be honest I’m almost looking forward to it since it’s been a while since I last played video games and watched TV. But now it’s time to head to bed.











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