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A picture is worth a thousand words

And Daredevil is a really good TV show. Sinceriously. Watch it!








Real life heroes

You know, these days there are all those heroes being portrayed on the big screen. Glad to see that some of them take their role one step further and do awesome stuff like this. Really, hands down to you guys!



Peggy & Jarvis


It’s been a while and I’ll be brief today too. I have another post coming up with lots of stuff to tell you all but for the moment let me just say that you ought to watch Agent Carter. Just watched the season finale and I really, really liked how it ended. I like the setting of the series and I like the characters we meet in the show. Also like how the lead character is a female and how she is portrayed. Mr Stark’s butler Edwin Jarvis (whose name you might recognize from Tony Stark’s robotic helper in the Iron Man movies) is fucking epic. I love his chivalrous way of doing everything. Haha.

So yeah, if you love Marvel, Captain America and a good TV show, definitely pick this up. I know I’ve mentioned it in the past but this really sealed the deal for me. The season finale that is.


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