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TGIF. Really.

It’s been a couple of hectic, but good, days. Yeah, not kidding. I’m exhausted but so happy that it’s Friday. And nothing planned for the entire weekend. So yeah.. have a good one peeps! Loves and stuff! ♥



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T minus one week

I’ve had some lovely days lately starting with our conference on Thursday and ending with yesterday’s visit to Sonja and Lars. The annual conference was a real good one. A perfect mix of discussions, team building, food and fun. I had more energy this year which meant being able to have more fun in the evening. Last year I remember being a bit sick, and even the year before that, so I had to go to bed early. This year not so much, which cost me a bit the day after. He ha hi ho. But apart from that I must say it was great! I think we all had a good time given by the amount of laughs and that’s probably what everyone needed.

Yesterday I took part in the event called Åsunden runt. It’s a charity event here in town where you can walk, run or bike several different distances/routes along our local lake. Naturally I took part in the bike route around the lake, same thing as last year. The entrance fee goes to cancer research which I think is a great thing. We were blessed with good weather this year too and it was good fun! Finally got the chance to meet a guy that I’ve been talking to online quite a lot as well. Fun fun!

After that I went for a visit to Sonja and Lars lake house. It’s been a long time since I last saw them and the kids so I’d been looking forward to coming there. Our colleague and a newfound friend of mine, Elin, also dropped by. Really like her and I hope I’ll be able to hang out with her more in the future. Lots of fun with the kids and talking till quite late. So glad I’ve gotten to know these guys. Precious people <3 As for today I was exhausted and kind of anxious for some reason so I decided to cancel my plans for the day and just rest up and do as little as possible. I slept like a lot (read the entire morning) and didn't get a whole lot done but that was probably what was needed. I'm cutting down on my medicine now so maybe it's only natural after three intensive days to feel a bit tired. Now I'm gonna head to bed and listen to some podcasts. P3 Spel is finally back after their summer hiatus. Yay! Sleep tight and sweet dreams to all of you!


















Amazing week so far!

I continue to ride on the positive energy that I got from last week in Sälen and literally fly through this week in style. Work has been going really smoothly with some interesting meetings and happy to see my colleagues again. And all of a sudden it’s weekend. Swoooosh. The only setback this week was that one of my cats had gotten an injury on one of his front teeth. Luckily I got a time at the vets and they pulled the tooth out and now he’s all fine again <3

Now I’m here on the computer, planning what to share with you guys, and also thinking about what to do this weekend. Well I know most of it already but there are a few hours unplanned. Today I’m biking with Daniel, brother to one of my old besties Jonas. In the evening I’m hanging out with Elin and watching a movie. Tomorrow going to Borås to visit grandma with my family and then visiting another Elin, this time my colleague, and we’re hopefully going to the movie theatre to watch Captain Fantastic or Nerve. Time will tell 🙂

For now I think I need to head down to Ica to do some shopping. The fridge is almost empty apart from all the liquor and hot sauces. Need some pasta before today’s exercise. I also want to play some Doom and experiment with overclocking the HTPC to see what results can be gained. I put a GTX 1080 in that computer too and the CPU is so old that it bottlenecks the GPU even at 1080p. But it’s quite cool to see that it can deliver 50-60fps at maxed out settings. Apart from the GPU I paid like 500 bucks for the entire computer.

Now for some breakfast! Have a nice weekend everyone! 🙂








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Stepping up, putting in the hours

Really good day! Filled with mostly good stuff, although a whole lot of work. But it’s been effective and very productive. At the moment I have the feeling that I could accomplish anything and I feel that I’m actually really good at what I do. I always find creative ways to solve problems that are handed to me. And I’m not trying to brag, just being proud of what I’m capable of.

Today a colleague and good friend celebrated his 30th birthday by the way. Together with all of the other colleagues I had raised some money and bought him some presents. Whisky infused beer and snus, a cigar and a small cactus. We also got a cake of course. I think he was happy. Was fun. Also had lots of fun with Erik and Elin. Laughing and laughing.

After work I headed home for a break. Put my running shoes on and went up to Lassalyckan where I went for an 8km run. Felt great. Even though my heart rate was high I didn’t really feel exhausted. And I kept a good pace as well. My momentum feels good coming into mine and Aigul’s challenge, which is UT-milen in almost a week. Exciting! 🙂

Now I’ve been putting in some additional work hours, ended up working from 9pm to after midnight. Crazy, but it all went well. I’m tired now though. Gonna watch an episode of New Girl and then head to bed.

Night fellahs~! :*







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