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Biking with friends

I guess no one reading this blog has missed that I’ve started to like biking. And biking with friends makes it even more fun! Today I did 120km on the bike and most of those were spent together with friends. I don’t ride with friends a whole lot so it was awesome to get out on the roads with them today. Especially since the weather was great for once!

Today I also had a positive experience whilst dealing with some issues that I came across while ordering a product online. Usually I don’t have the energy to get in touch with the retailer and sort it out, I just wait politely for the matter to get resolved in due time. But I got a bit frustrated this time so I decided to see what the fuck had went wrong. Was worth the effort this time around since I was greeted by a polite guy working at the company and he explained the situation, had an apology ready and even offered me something in return for waiting. Faith in humanity restored!

Apart from that I placed an order on a couple of new shades from Oakley today. I’ll post some photos of them once they arrive.

But now, sleep~~




A good start~

I’ve had a number of good days to start off my vacation this year. Lunch with Elin&Erik. Visit from Jonas. Hanging out with Sonja&Stina and their significant others. Celebrating Roberth’s 30th birthday. Going to Borås with Andreas for some spontaneous shopping. I literally don’t need more.

















Sun and rain, sun and rain..

It has finally come! My much anticipated vacation. Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks! And for once I had a slow last week which means I’m already wound down. Lovely!

This weekend I’ve not done much but exercising, playing games and watched movies. I’ve started with the last expansion for Witcher 3, called Blood and Wine. It is gorgeous really. The environments are out of this world. It’s exactly what you’d picture a fantasy world to be like. And honestly, I wouldn’t mind walking around those environments in real world either. Italy next year?! 🙂

I also watched this old movie called Waterworld that I never saw when I was a little kid. It had some funny moments, haha. I can’t say it was terribly bad but it wasn’t that good either. To think that it was the most expensive movie filmed back in 1995 is odd. The premise was quite exciting and it feels like they could have done so much more with it.

Tonight Elin comes over and we are going to watch Interstellar. Should’ve seen that a looooong time ago as well. Not sure why I haven’t. Then again there are a number of movies that I haven’t seen. People are always like… Waaaaaaah, you haven’t seen that?! Or that!? But yeah. There are always things you don’t get time for.

This week I’m having Adina’s cats over. She’s out of town for a couple of days so they’re staying here while she’s gone. Tom is hiding under a blanket as I write this, and Narcissa cuddles next to me. So cosy!

Anyway, I better get some clothes on because we’re meeting down at Ica in ten minutes or so. Optimistic about time as usual! Haha.

You take care guys! Moaaaaaah~

PS. I’ve bought swimming pants for our trip to Majorca in two months. Weeeeeeeeho! Now I just gotta get my passport fixed.


















These last couple of weeks

I just realized that I haven’t been sharing anything on here for quite a while. That’s what happens when you’re on vacation and the days just pass by and you’re having a good time. Basically been hanging out with family and friends and been on the bike a lot.

I can’t stress enough how nice biking feels also and how good it is for you. I haven’t been this lean since like 2010 and now it’s not because of stress but quite the opposite. Also I feel in better shape than I perhaps have ever been. Which is a bonus. So yeah, I know I talk about it a lot but it’s really fun, healthy, gentle to your body and good for you! Try it~

Apart from that not much to add really! Hope you’re all having a good summer 🙂



Det är läge idag. Men vi suger lite till på den va? @sonjaelarsson #armanddebrignac #goldbrut #schtek #fyfanvastek

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Nästan lika roligt som ett sommarlov som tar slut 😂 Överlägset sist ✌️

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Långtur i underbart väder på underbar väg ☀️☺️👍🚴💨

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Swing it! #swing #gunga

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Sweaty and sticky

It seems like we always find something to whine about, doesn’t it? Haha. We’ve been having this insane heat going on in Sweden these last couple of days and while it’s really, really nice it also causes some issues. Like constant sweating, sticky skin, double the amount of laundry, problems with sleep, etc. But! I definitely won’t complain. I’ve been longing for this weather for a long time so the biking gets better.

And on that topic I was out with both the mountain bike and the racer today. Took some new GoPro footage that I’ll upload sometime in the future and I felt like a fucking cow thanks to all those flies that gathered around my sweaty body. Thanks guys! Later on in the evening, when I had managed not to die due to lack of water or energy, me and Lennart went out for a longer ride and visited an old friend who lives in the outskirts of our town. Actually a really nice place, unfortunately I didn’t take any photos. When the temperature drops in the evening it’s really nice to be outside. I hope this will be a great summer!

Apart from that I’ve picked up Game of Thrones again after a hiatus of like two years. Been watching 3-4 episodes of the fourth season. Me and Adina started to play the game the other day so I figured I had to catch up with the TV show. I wasn’t really stoked about it but now that I’ve gotten into it I realize why I liked it so much when it first started. The intrigues. The characters. The plot twists. The shocking moments. Oh boy.

Tomorrow I’m planning on getting up early and going out for a bike ride before the day becomes too hot. After that no real plans. I had the same plan today but ended up sleeping till like noon. Shame on me. But I guess it was needed. It’s Britain’s F1 GP tomorrow too so looking forward to that!

Now it’s time for some more Game of Thrones~ Have a nice weekend y’all!

PS. I’m on vacation btw! Four weeks starting on Monday. Sweet~~


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