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Majorca 2016

I haven’t had the time to go through all the photos I took with my digital camera but here are a few from my phone. It was nice! Looking forward to going abroad again soon~


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Packed and ready

What a nice day! I hung out with Stina, L&H+kids and my family. We went shopping, walked the dog, had lunch down by the lake and just had a good time basically. I found some neat things that I wanted for the trip and also bought this really cute backpack for Molly.

These past hours have been spent watching Cap America Civil War and packing for the trip. God I hate packing. Such a chore. It’s not really hard it’s just boring. Something you need to get done. You have it all done in your head but you have to actually do it too. Me, lazy?! Naaaaaaw.

Not much else to say. I don’t like the feeling of not bringing enough entertainment. But I figure I can always buy a book or download an audio book if I run out. Apart from that I’m always so silly. I always look at what I leave behind. Missing the friends, colleagues, my cats and so on. Instead of looking forward to what’s to come. But I think that’ll change as soon as we’re on the plane. 

Tomorrow I’m going with Lennart, Henriette and the kids to Liseberg. They’re then driving me to the airport. We’re taking off around 6pm I think and will be in Alcudia four hours later. 

So yeah. I better go sleep now. Getting up in five hours or so. Pushing the hours as usual.

You sleep tight, alright? I’ll be missing you. But see you in a week! *hugs*


Lindvallen, Sälen (2016)

I just wanted to share some photos with you all from our week in Sälen. I will eventually get back to the actual bike race that we did up there but the whole week was pretty magical. We were like 8-10 adults renting a cabin there, and some of them had their kids along. Gave so much energy. And I had the time to relax properly. Felt like I was hanging out with family because all of the peeps were so nice. So nice. Not to mention the nature up there. Gorgeous. I could live there. Hopefully going back soon!

Thanks Marita for letting me borrow some of your photos!

















I’m back!

Sorry for the short outage! Just before I went to Sälen I had a hard drive failure in my server and I didn’t dare keep it powered on while being away. Another failure would have resulted in all of my data being lost forever. Not to keen on that happening 🙂

Came back home this Saturday and the drive is now replaced and the server up and running again. What a week it has been! What a week. I’m so happy I decided to take a couple of days off work to go up there. We’ve had some great days. I’ve had some great days. Trekking the mountain. Biking. Hanging out with new people. Eating good food. And of course Cykelvasan.

But now I gotta go to bed since it’s back to business (work) tomorrow. It’s already a bit too late if I’m honest. I wonder why I always end up this way when I’m working. When I was away this week I got to bed pretty early and always woke up early. Now that I know I have to get up to work it sucks going to bed. Oh well.

Will get back to the previous week in a coming post shortly. Promise! So many photos to show as well as experiences from the bike race. For the moment I’ll just leave you with this photo that I got from Anders. Thanks bro!

Sleep tight~


Hot tub beneath starry skies

Spent the weekend hanging out with a friend that I haven’t seen in a long time. Was fun to catch up and though we didn’t really do much time really flew by and it felt like the weekend was over in an instant. Went to one of his friend’s summer cabin in the woods outside of Vaggeryd. Such a beautiful place. One of the best things with Sweden and Swedish summer.

Today I went for a bike ride and eventually managed to find a time slot when it didn’t rain. Eventually. Cause it’s darn near impossible. In the evening hung out with Elin and watched the movie London has fallen. Pretty cool! Not the most original idea but it had good pacing at least. Never went boring. Apart from that I finished the sixth season of Mad Men today. Damn it’s good. It’s a series that draws you in. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what makes it’s so good but I think it’s because you really care about the people portrayed. Top notch acting. Love them.

Tomorrow is a new day and then we’ll be going to pick up my mountain bikes that has been serviced. Also going to meet up with sis and try out Badabing burgers 🙂

Nighty fellas!







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