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Finish updating already…

Pretty boring day. But quite productive. Had a bad biking session earlier. Or not bad per say but comparatively. Really tired now. Feeling gloomy these last days. So much good behind me. Not sure what lies ahead. Can’t quite shake a bad feeling that I currently have. But I’m sure it’ll go away eventually. Tomorrow is Friday. This weekend I’m biking with my colleagues husband, Anders. And on Sunday I will hopefully see Elin and watch a movie. We also need to get some work done. Not looking forward to the latter part of this year though. Blah.

Thank god. The phone just signaled its done. Great. Sleep here I come.

Super awesome regular Thursday

Some days are just really good, even though you do nothing out of the ordinary. It’s the people you surround yourself with that make it all happen. And today was one of those days, and I go to bed with the best of feelings in my gut. Goofy talk with Sonja, fika with Moa, sushi lunch with Aigul, photo goof with Johan & Wille, got a ride by dad, planned dinner with Hannah and texted some close friends along the way. I’m a bit too spoiled sometimes I think. And everyone is so god damn nice and saying all these nice things. You make me the happiest person out there sometimes~

Oh and yeah, I finally got around to buying that chai tea.

Close to a much sought-after weekend

It’s Thursday folks. And we all know what that means. It’s Friday tomorrow. It’s Friday all day long. Yeeeeeeeeehaaaa! Plans for the weekend?! Well a movie night on Saturday and apart from that not much at all! Just exercise if the weather allows for it and gaming galore.

Today I’ve eaten thai food with my beloved Stina, bought a present for my colleague’s daughter, fixed my broken RAID and bought a father’s day present for dad. And soon I’m going to have something to eat before doing some gaming. Life’s good.






One, two, three

The weeks are passing by quickly now. I’ve soon been working for as long as I had vacation. Soon. But yeah, it’s crazy. Time actually passes quite quickly when you’re working. Been having a good time lately too, both at work and at home. And tomorrow we’re a group of people going out to eat. Yummy!

Today I went to Axamo Ring near Jkpg to find out what I’d need to be able to drive myself there in the future. I took a small theory exam which I passed and then had a chat with a couple of guys regarding equipment, opening hours and stuff like that. It was nice and people are always so kind when you’re a noob. Especially in this hobby it seems. They kind of welcome you with open arms. That’s what I like about motorsports and related hobbies.


Apart from that I’m just a tad tired. There’s been a lot going on lately it seems. Even though I’ve only really worked. Oh and I had my driving practice permit granted. Now I only have to take the introduction course before I can start driving. Which will be fun! Looking forward to start. And even more so to actually having the license. It’ll be tough but I’ll do my best! I surprise myself these days with what I’m capable of. So I’m sure it’ll be fine 🙂

5-kamp lag 1

Didn’t I always say that sausage equals love?! Haha.


Pinball life, juddering reality

These past days, the beginning of this year’s vacation, have been fairly cloudy. Dreamy. Not really in a good sense but not necessarily in a bad sense either. Slightly nightmarish. The way that you feel that you’d gladly shake it of off yourself. Hard to describe. Also been having this feeling that gosh I’m 30 years old. I’ll never be 10 years again. I’ll never feel the way I did back then. Which I guess in a way stresses that you should live in the present and cherish what you have. In any case, yeah, not bad but not good days either.

Thing is I have moments where I barely recognize my whole existence. Where it feels like everything is wrong. Something is off. Which is also when my hearts starts to behave oddly. Like it has been doing during these days. And it feels… I dunno, like I’m being in a world from which I’ll soon wake up and shake off all of these bad feelings. Unfortunately I don’t but yeah.

Today one of my best buddies celebrated 30 years. Bought him some goodies from the local delicacies store. I love that store and I love the people working there. Where small talks feels good. I really wish them all the best with their expansion this fall. You all ought to go there and buy stuff that they have. Lovely sausage. Lovely cheese. Lovely chocolate. Lovely licorice.

Was close to just stay home today because I have a really hard time meeting people when I feel like this. But I managed to turn my mood around and go despite the feelings and it turned out all good in the end. They’re a bunch of good people all of them. I like how I these days (or years) am able to talk to pretty much everyone. Despite having a bad day really. Sometimes I wish I didn’t have this fragile brain and psyche. I wish that I didn’t have to fight it so much. Because in the end when it all comes down to it it’s not so hard really. Well, unless you’re in a situation where you feel uncomfortable, which thankfully aren’t too many these days. But I still falter in the most important one. And I always will..

I also hung out with my best buddy today plus a mutual friend of ours. This friend I see far too seldom which is a shame because he’s a real good guy. There truly are so many good persons in this world and I’m thankful for every nice person that comes into my life and enriches it. Hopefully I enrich their life in some kind of way as well. At least I’d like to think so. I know I’m an ass, let people down and even hurt people at times but hopefully this comes more seldom.

Watched Need for Speed. Quite nice frankly. Better than I had expected. Probably because I was slightly drunk. It had more of driving and less of the action adventure that signifies the FATF movies. In some ways that might be better, in others maybe not so much. I also have to confess that I have a new celebrity crush.





She’s the most pretty thing I saw since… yeah, never mind. Pretty.


But yeah. Forget everything I just wrote or what not. It doesn’t make any sense and it definitely doesn’t make any difference to anyone. Good night and have a good life~


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