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In the mood for some shopping

Feeling good as of late although it’s quite delicate to be honest. It goes up and down. But the weather sure helps in keeping your spirits high. Spring is coming. And isn’t it lovely? Also I have so many good things to look forward to. On Friday I’m visiting Lennart & Henriette. Their daughter turned three today, so I bought her some presents that I’m gonna hand over. Also I got a few friends together for next Friday. Going to Kallbadhuset to eat good food and drink some good beer.

Want to do some shopping as well. Sometimes I just get into that mood where I feel that it will be fun to spend some money. And sometimes several months goes by without that very urge. In any case now I wanna buy some new shoes, a new spring jacket and a couple of jeans. Aigul offered to tag along and help me out with selecting some nice ones and also maybe going to the theatre. Would be fun!

But now it’s really, really late and I have to catch some sleep. It has been some tough days lately with lots of work. Thankfully I’m not sick anymore so I can exercise which makes you feel energized and well. Anyways, sleep tight fellow babies~






What’s going on, guys?! Mike the bike, reporting in..

With the latest news of today! I swear, that question has got to be one of the most popular on YouTube channels lately. It’s getting both nauseating and cosy at the same time to hear it. Anyways, it’s hump day today. Naw, not that kind of hump sadly, but we’re in the middle of the week and closer to weekend than we are to Monday. That’s something to celebrate!

Today has been a good day in every sense. Good day at work. Good session @ the therapist’s. Good times running with Aigul after work. Good bath. Good relax. Good everything. Really. I’m feeling more rested although not entirely rested yet. And I’m having a slightly sore throat. But I’ll head to bed in a matter of minutes, or at least after having written this post so should be even better tomorrow.

My Nitefighter lighting up the evening. It's honestly crazy bright.

My Nitefighter lighting up the evening. It’s honestly crazy bright.

I have a few things that I wanna mention today. Firstly, I reserved a couple of tickets for me and my friends to go see the new Star Wars movie 16 dec in town. After watching yesterday’s trailer I’m actually getting a bit excited about this. If it can evoke even the slightest of the same feelings I had as a kid watching these movies, well then it’s gonna get good.

Furthermore I got some cool gifts for one of my best friend’s kids for their respective birthdays. One of them is coincidentally really into Star Wars as of late so of course I got him one of these. As for his younger brother I got him this funny gun that the minions use in Despicable me. I hope they’ll both be well received 🙂

Google Play Music using Radiant Player. Maybe Google will release their own standalone player eventually.

Google Play Music using Radiant Player. Maybe Google will release their own standalone player eventually.

And I’m two more things namely YouTube Red + Google Play Music as well as Plex’s new media player. As for YouTube Red it’s their new subscription service (only in US as of writing this) running at 10 bucks a month. It removes the ads, gets you some additional content from their top tier content producers (like PewDiePie) as well as access to Google Play Music. The latter I’m currently trying out as an alternative to Spotify. Curious to see if their music library is any good and what the sound quality is like. One thing I liked that I saw was the ability to upload your own songs and get access to them wherever you are. For instance if you have music that’s not available on the service you can upload that. It also had thumbs up and thumbs down, so you can easily keep track on music you’ve liked and not. It also has neat small features like play count and sync.

Next up Plex released a new player (so far only available to those of us who have Plex Pass) called Plex Media Player. I actually liked Home Theater but this supposedly is to bring it in sync with all the apps on for instance Playstation and Xbox, and I’m guessing eventually also Apple TV (release it already Apple!). It takes a while to get used to as it doesn’t provide the feed you’re used to but it has all of the same features in a different packaging. It looks a bit more media center like I would say. Plex Home Theater was more like the old Plex app.

Home screen

Home screen

Content list

Content list

Movie item

Movie item

TV item

TV item

Oh and I watched the latest episode of iZombie. That show continues to be great. Pick it up if you haven’t already. Very easy to digest if you know what I mean. Almost like a twenty minutes show. And not to be objectifying or anything, but them ladies…





A funny thing that happened just minutes before I travelled to Sthlm: the zip locker to my bag broke. Of course. Perfect timing. So now I’m hunting for a new weekend bag. Think I’ve found the one I want. So if you think I’ve been a particularly good friend this year, maybe for xmas? 😉


I’m also a bit curious about Dragon Age 3. I haven’t played any of those games but I love the Mass Effect games. And a fantasy game might be cool. I think I’ll be playing it during winter break. Not that I don’t have games to play already but hey! I finished the Zelda 3DS game which was awesome considering it flirted so much with the old SNES game. Now I have New Super Marios Bros 2 and Mario 3D Land to tackle.

My favorite song with Taylor from her latest album. There are a few others worth mentioning to but I’ll post them eventually.



Take care fellas and see you this weekend~


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