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I don’t know what it is with me and gripping movies. It is a love hate relationship. On one hand I really love them. I love to be moved. I love to feel. I love to laugh. And cry. It makes you feel alive. On the other hand it also gets you in touch with your feelings and your innermost longings. It can be quite painful at times, since those things are stuff that you push aside from your everyday life and that you only get reminded of from time to time when they pop up like Jack in the box. In the end though it is a pleasant feeling and you do want those moments. They are very dear to me and I never regret it.

Just now I watched this very touching and heart warming movie called Brooklyn. It starred an actress that I really like and that I think is quite underrated. She is so talented and so pretty. She does her roles with such calm and elegance. Especially in this movie. I would very much like to recommend it. It is somewhat of a coming of age movie and also about issues that we all might come to deal with. Perhaps that is why you feel so much what of what Eilis (the main character) goes through emotionally.








A weekend that had a little bit of everything

On the bed getting ready to sleep now. Felt like this weekend passed by in a flash. But that’s what it’s like when you’re having a good time. I want to get some good sleep in tonight since I’ve decided to always start the week rested. Feels so much better than being a zombie.

Had dinner with mom and dad on Friday and fell asleep real early. Actually missed the soccer final that the gals sadly lost. They deserved to win but a silver medal is still pretty darn impressive!

On Saturday I spent a few hours fiddling around with my HTPC. I’ve stuck GTX 1080 in that computer (probably already mentioned that) but since it can’t really take advantage of it I wanted to see what could be gained from overclocking the CPU. Quite a lot actually. Went from 7500 Fire Strike score (3DMark) to nearly 9000. The FPS stays more solid in games now than it did before. Took the CPU from 3.6GHz to 4.4GHz.

Then I got a call from Daniel, the brother of a close friend, who wanted to go for a mountain bike ride. He lives outside the city and his daughter had a birthday party in town. So he brought his bike along and we went to try out the new trails. Lots of fun but I realize that I’ve become scared of riding too technical sections. I’ve had some crashes and my confidence has taken a toll. I don’t really enjoy riding that kind of terrain anymore which is a real shame. About the only sad part about this weekend, haha.

Later I hung out with Elin B. who had cooked dinner for me. So good! I salute you! We watched the women’s mountain bike cross country final where Jenny Rissveds won gold. You’re awesome! Then we watched Bad Neighbors 2 which was hilarious. Haha. Not quite as good as the first one but still hilarious. When Zac Efron runs in the rain feeling betrayed by his friends, All by myself playing in the background. So funny. Recommended! Then we managed to squeeze in the penalty kicks drama between Brazil and Germany as well. Happy they managed to win gold given how it went down two years ago between the same countries.

Today I’ve been playing some Doom (come get some!), visited granny in BorĂ¥s and then hung out with Elin T. It’s a shame we don’t live closer since I really enjoy talking to her and we share the interest for movies and TV shows. We went to the movie theatre to see Nerve. I’ve heard about it from the actress Emma Roberts who has been posting about it on her Instagram. It dealt with social media, the hysteria for attention, followers, watchers, viewers or what not. Also it dealt with how the mob can start to behave. The rage. The hate. But it was also very funny from time to time. I preferred the first half of the movie. It was interesting and exciting!

Now I’m gonna make myself some sandwiches, have some Oatly chocolate drink and watch 7 myths about movement. Then I’m gonna hug the pillow. Sweet dreams y’all!




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