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Continued efforts, further results

Another day at the office. Literally, and figuratively. Today was a fun day and I’m glad I was able to break free from yesterday’s gloomy grip on me. And even though today’s bike ride ended up being cold and windy I’m trying to stay positive going into fall. Work is going well and we’re continuing to laugh and help each other out. My sessions with my therapist is also positive. She thinks I’m doing very well which is always good to hear considering that you sometimes might doubt that. But I do feel that I’ve become stronger. I don’t give in as easily. I fight and I make what might look bad into something good, and if not good at least something less bad. Proud of myself for that.

But I’m also happy that I have my precious friends and family. Whatever would I do without you? <3

So nothing out of the ordinary today. Just wanted to post a couple of words letting you know that I’m not going into a negativa spiral again 😉

Tomorrow is conference day

Just did that last bit of packing for tomorrow’s conference. It’s of course too late as usual but I will at least be getting 5.5 hours of sleep. Maybe less, since I noticed Nördigt has released their first podcast episode after the summer break. Yeeeeeeha!

Today was a good day. Productive at work, lots of laughter and a super good bike workout in the evening. Very nice! Halt and Catch Fire has started as well. Season 3 that is. So far I haven’t gotten into the vibe but I’m sure it’ll pick up the pace. Two episodes in they are just setting up the pieces.

Uhm yeah. What else. Well, I fully plan on getting back to the Cykelvasan race. I wanna share what it was like and all that stuff. Just haven’t had the time to sit down and write about it all. This weekend maybe? We’ll see. These remaining days of the week will be quite pleasing I think. Weeee~~~






Biking with friends

I guess no one reading this blog has missed that I’ve started to like biking. And biking with friends makes it even more fun! Today I did 120km on the bike and most of those were spent together with friends. I don’t ride with friends a whole lot so it was awesome to get out on the roads with them today. Especially since the weather was great for once!

Today I also had a positive experience whilst dealing with some issues that I came across while ordering a product online. Usually I don’t have the energy to get in touch with the retailer and sort it out, I just wait politely for the matter to get resolved in due time. But I got a bit frustrated this time so I decided to see what the fuck had went wrong. Was worth the effort this time around since I was greeted by a polite guy working at the company and he explained the situation, had an apology ready and even offered me something in return for waiting. Faith in humanity restored!

Apart from that I placed an order on a couple of new shades from Oakley today. I’ll post some photos of them once they arrive.

But now, sleep~~




Flavor of the weak

Spent the day off sleeping and working out. So much for grand ambitions about cleaning and gaming. Well whatever. Who cares about the apartment anyway, right? 

Figure I’ll just dedicate this year to getting fit and not expect anything else nor prioritize anything else. I won’t by any means become successful but at least I’ll have to depend only on myself. I like that. Only I can disappoint myself then. And that’s easier to melt. 

Gotta stop being so nice also. Yields nothing in the long run. You’ll only end up pouring in too much energy and very, very rarely get the same returned. People are egoists after all, even me. That’s why I end up crashing and burning. I want what’s good for me but life, while very, very sweet indeed from time to time, more often than seldom deals you lemons. And no, you don’t make lemonade. You get very sour.

Uhm yeah. So. Rigorous exercise routines and less dependant on others to be happy. Maybe then I’ll find a life that’s gonna be bearable in the long run. It won’t be jackpot but neither will it be ecstasy one day followed by demise the next. 

Now two days of work then two days off again. Every week should be like that. It’s a good balance between work and spare time. Now if only I could teach myself to be a loner again that’d be nice. How the fuck did I manage that back in the days? It seems impossible these days. Might have to bring that up with my psychologist. 

Ok my eyes are closing on me. Better sleep so I have energy for tomorrow. Work is at least something I’m good at. Hopefully I’ll be able to help a person out as well, a person who is studying to become a Web developer. She was uncertain about a few things. Hopefully I will be able to shed some light on it so she can enjoy this profession as much as I do. 

Be well. 

About that foot…

I guess it’s kinda swollen. Sigh. Shouldn’t have been so stubborn with my exercise. Now I gotta rest properly a couple of days with no stress on the ankle + diklofenak. Gaming it is~




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