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Thank God for Friday. I can’t stress that enough. So exhausted. What a week. Can’t wait to put this day behind me. Not the best of days really, and this evening feels a bit lonely. But I had a call from my colleague Rich which made me happy. Both for the call but also to hear that he’s doing better. Also played some Helldivers together with Alma & Adina. Good fun that game. PS4 streaming to Mac worked really well. Cross play too.

But yeah, have a nice weekend..


Slow Saturday

Today is an intentionally very, very slow day. It’s been a tough and long week both physically and mentally so it feels good not feeling the need to do anything at all. Ended up staying in bed till like noon today. I’ve got more ache in my jawbone today which is natural since it’s the third day. Apparently, according to the dentist, it’s when the ache kicks in. Funny that, because the day after pulling the tooth I almost didn’t notice any pain or ache what so ever.

It’s been a good week in general though and I’m so delighted that it’s weekend now. Gonna spend the time watching TV and playing games. And resting up properly so I’m charged for next week which I think is gonna be a tough one. My goal for now is to make it till the end of the year without any hiccups on my health. Proud about what I’ve accomplished since March so I’m sure it will all be fine.

Yesterday I got treated to dinner at my colleague’s house. I’m so happy to have gotten to know another happy and awesome little family. We ate fillet from deer which was soooo tender and later on watched TV and ate candy. Autumn is quite good so far 🙂

Sleepy cat

Sleepy cat



Two of my best colleagues

Two of my best colleagues

One cute and one not so cute

One cute and one not so cute

One of the games I'll be playing shortly

One of the games I’ll be playing shortly

What a true nerd looks like

What a true nerd looks like

Faceswapping for the win

Faceswapping for the win


There are tiny little frogs all over

Been having a good week so far and it can only get even better as there are two days of weekend left! Lovely. And in two weeks I start my four weeks of vacation. Even more lovely <3 This Tuesday we were hanging out by Sonja's summer house, grilling and being in the sauna. One of our old colleagues came to visit as well, was nice to see her since it's been a while since the last time. But damn, all those mosquitoes destroyed my poor body. I have scabs all over my body from itching away like a maniac at all those bites. The day after that I hung out with Adina and we played the first episode in the Game of Thrones game by Telltale. It was really neat! I usually enjoy their games so no real surprise there. Can recommend it if you're a fan of the show. Today I had lunch with my family and grandma. Tasted really good, as is often the case with midsummer's food. Unfortunately I didn't remember to snap a photo of it but those of you from Sweden reading this know what I'm talking about. This evening I met up with a friend I haven't seen in ages and we watched Edge of Tomorrow. Been wanting to see this movie for a while and it was actually better than I expected. Really good scifi! Now I'm gonna hug the pillow and listen to some podcasts. Have a nice weekend all of you!



Midsommarfin 😂 Trevlig midsommar anyway! 💐

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Dark matter

Drunk. That’s about the only time I feel like I can enjoy life and be happy. Coming remotely close to feelings of yesterday. This weekend will go in the name of alcohol. Becoming an alcoholic. Yay. Uhm.

Brazil and Colombia. Highly entertaining game. Too bad the wrong team won.

Anyway. Deciding not to interact with friends not to ruin their lives. Considering I’m a sad fuck who devours energy.

GG. HF. Etc.


Pouring down, outwards, inwards

A somewhat crappy day. Self esteem being as low as it is. Doesn’t take much to turn me sad right now. Feel fragile the way I used to ten years back. When uncertain things could puzzle me to sadness. Not sure where I stand with my friends and things like that. Well I know, or hope at least, that they like me but I can’t feel it when I’m like this. Cause I question everything.

Whatever the case I managed to turn a coming tide around and make the day somewhat good in the end. And now. Well, I’m seeing this guy in November.

Apart from that. I think I’ll play some game this weekend. Or something. I don’t know. Again, it’s puzzling these days..


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