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What a beautiful planet we live on

I just watched this one and I’m amazed and touched by how beautiful our planet really is. It saddens me though that we humans pretty much only contribute by destroying it.

Too beat to write an explanatory title. But…. gas explosion!

Amazing, amazing weekend. Had a real good one. And I’m having hopes for the future as well. Things are looking bright. Or at least that’s what I’m feeling at the moment. That might change very quickly, knowing me. Haha. But let’s keep a solid and hopeful focus for now!

Since I’m frankly extremely tired at the moment and barely able to stay awake I’ll just let the photos speak for themselves mostly. But I’m happy I was able to hang out with my bestie again. I’m happy that a person I wanted to get to know last year has reached out to me again. Got to sleep next to the cutest kitty cat. I’m happy to have gotten to know some mountain bikers from around here. I also got to hang out with the cutest and most loving kids this weekend. Gosh, I’m melting. And I got to round off the weekend slow paced style watching a movie with a good friend and just chilling on my bed. Can’t really ask for more.

For once I’m going to bed early and will ATTACK this next week with charged batteries. Hope you all will have a good one! Hopefully I’ll see you next weekend if not sooner. Bye and hugs~~

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What’s time to your self anyway?

I swear, I gotta do as little as possible tomorrow. It has been an amazing but hectic weekend. And now I have an energy requiring week coming up as well. Let’s hope I’ll manage to hold together! It should be fine. Just not worry about anything before the situation arises. I’ve learned pretty well to deal with my worries. So, putting that aside for now.

Been eating lots of good food. Lots of unhealthy snacks as well. Seeing friends all weekend. Watched Västgötaloppet yesterday during amazing weather and meeting fun peeps. Even got to talk briefly with the male winner. Hung out with Nadja and Anders and their lovely kids. Visited Pernilla and Lars in Jönköping and got to see their lively little child! Watched the new Independence Day with Eric (yeah it was decent, really). Biked, of course. Nothing spurs you on as much as watching other people biking and having a good time doing it. I feel pumped up about exercising and getting fit for next year.

Now I’m just winding down. Having a weekend full of fun is a bit like a doubled edged sword. It’s a hell of a lot of fun but at the end of the weekend you’re left with drained batteries and you have a whole new week coming up. Filled with work. So you gotta find a way to deal with that. Preferably by doing as little as possible apart from working, haha.

Soooooooo. That means falling asleep right about now. Yep. Nite folks~





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Majorca 2016

I haven’t had the time to go through all the photos I took with my digital camera but here are a few from my phone. It was nice! Looking forward to going abroad again soon~


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I don’t know what it is with me and gripping movies. It is a love hate relationship. On one hand I really love them. I love to be moved. I love to feel. I love to laugh. And cry. It makes you feel alive. On the other hand it also gets you in touch with your feelings and your innermost longings. It can be quite painful at times, since those things are stuff that you push aside from your everyday life and that you only get reminded of from time to time when they pop up like Jack in the box. In the end though it is a pleasant feeling and you do want those moments. They are very dear to me and I never regret it.

Just now I watched this very touching and heart warming movie called Brooklyn. It starred an actress that I really like and that I think is quite underrated. She is so talented and so pretty. She does her roles with such calm and elegance. Especially in this movie. I would very much like to recommend it. It is somewhat of a coming of age movie and also about issues that we all might come to deal with. Perhaps that is why you feel so much what of what Eilis (the main character) goes through emotionally.









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