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Sun and rain, sun and rain..

It has finally come! My much anticipated vacation. Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks! And for once I had a slow last week which means I’m already wound down. Lovely!

This weekend I’ve not done much but exercising, playing games and watched movies. I’ve started with the last expansion for Witcher 3, called Blood and Wine. It is gorgeous really. The environments are out of this world. It’s exactly what you’d picture a fantasy world to be like. And honestly, I wouldn’t mind walking around those environments in real world either. Italy next year?! 🙂

I also watched this old movie called Waterworld that I never saw when I was a little kid. It had some funny moments, haha. I can’t say it was terribly bad but it wasn’t that good either. To think that it was the most expensive movie filmed back in 1995 is odd. The premise was quite exciting and it feels like they could have done so much more with it.

Tonight Elin comes over and we are going to watch Interstellar. Should’ve seen that a looooong time ago as well. Not sure why I haven’t. Then again there are a number of movies that I haven’t seen. People are always like… Waaaaaaah, you haven’t seen that?! Or that!? But yeah. There are always things you don’t get time for.

This week I’m having Adina’s cats over. She’s out of town for a couple of days so they’re staying here while she’s gone. Tom is hiding under a blanket as I write this, and Narcissa cuddles next to me. So cosy!

Anyway, I better get some clothes on because we’re meeting down at Ica in ten minutes or so. Optimistic about time as usual! Haha.

You take care guys! Moaaaaaah~

PS. I’ve bought swimming pants for our trip to Majorca in two months. Weeeeeeeeho! Now I just gotta get my passport fixed.


















Drinking from an infinitely deep well

Writing this I realize that yet another week has passed by and it’s crazy really. I remember writing here almost every day, at least every other day. And now it’s almost a week between the posts. Guessing that’s a good thing though as it means I’m occupied and also that I don’t have too many issues to write home about. Well apart from the fact that the weekends are far too short. As usual.

Been having a good week, both at work and at home. Talking to friends. Hanging out with friends. Working with an exciting project. Learning new stuff. ‘Tis nice. Weekend has been filled with friends and also work. Was invited to Lennart&Henriette Friday evening. They’re both very kind and I love their kids as well. Got to see his impressive new bike as well. Can’t wait for spring to come so we can ride our bikes again. Saturday me and Erik went to Borås to help a friend out with moving mail servers. Not the most stimulating of jobs but it’s nice to help out and hopefully it pays well in the end.

Today I ran again for the first time in almost a month. The foot held up nicely but I have an odd sensation in it now so better be careful with running for the next week or so. Also had a head on collision with a big dog. Thankfully it went well for both of us. Spent the afternoon with Aigul just talking and having lunch. Was real nice. One of those persons I can talk lots with and I like how honest she is. We haven’t been running for a while so it was nice to catch up.

Now I’m going to head for bed. Or at least soon enough. Might watch something before doing so. I also want to share a thought before leaving. I thought about it the other day, been thinking about it for a while and also discussed it with some friends.

Don’t you think it’s funny that while it’s so natural for us to recognize a face, some faces get so dear to us that it feels like we can look at them for hours? You instantly know it’s the person when you see them, yet you can see photos of them and you see new features all the time. And you can secretly stare at them and find new things, new lines and new features to admire every single time. It’s like you never fully get to know what the look like.

While thinking about it I particularly remembered that my ex sometimes looked at me, not in my eyes but more like at my facial features, and then several seconds later just looked me in the eyes and smiled, so genuinely and so content. Like she’d seen something she really liked. Yet we knew each other really well obviously and it’s not like she saw my face for the first time. I don’t want to indulge in self flattery but it’s more like it goes to show that I’m not the only one thinking this way probably. It’s like… when you really like someone you can spend hours just looking at them. You never tire of their appearance. I think this is one of those things in life that you really want to experience, and to experience that mutually. I’ve had a feeling slightly like that recently and while it’s not mutual it’s kind of cool to experience. Makes you feel alive. Hope you get to experience that as well sometime, or maybe you already have.

Now. Good night~~~











It’s almost time to summarize yet another year

And boy did it pass quickly. But it was eventful and I got to know so many interesting persons. Quite a few of which I got to spend last night with, which was lots of fun. Love these peeps. I got two cool xmas presents from Sonja. First a robe in Hugh Hefner style with my initials in gold, and secondly one of these smart buttons from Flic. So thoughtful of her! Also had lots of good things to eat and got plenty drunk.

Today I’ve been hanging out at a friend’s and cuddling with her cats. Great day all in all. Tomorrow I’m exercising and watching the last two Star Wars movies with Hannah. Have a nice weekend all of you!








Bye bye tooth fairy!

I spent almost all day sleeping which was a real blessing. Damn it felt so good. You know that feeling you get when you’re really, really sleepy and it kind of creeps up on you. You’re being mellowed into it almost. So good. Guess the reason I was really tired today was that I a) haven’t gotten proper sleep lately, b) didn’t sleep enough last night and c) had my second wisdom tooth pulled today. It all adds up to some serious drained energy. But now I feel fine!


Yesterday I was out running with my colleague Aigul and tried out my new headlamp. It’s so cool to run in what feels like nowhere where it’s actually supposed to be like pitch black. So when you turn off the light all you can see is the horizon, where the black landscape meets the slightly lighter sky. Feels great to be honest. I never ever thought I’d be hooked on stuff like this, but I am! Then I got treated to some leftover turkey and hung out with her lovely daughter and boyfriend.

Tonight I’ve had a visit from Andreas and Hannah. We watched a movie called American Ultra starring Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart. Quite funny but the pacing was a bit slow if you ask me. Odd because there was a lot of action going on when I think about it. But you know, after an hour I felt like… shouldn’t the movie be over soon? So I’ve mixed feelings about it. Definitely works to watch when you want to see something brain dead though.


Now I’m gonna go play some Forza 6. Driving cars from the 70s and 80s is so much fun since their tail kick out real easily when you’re a bit too throttle happy. Then I think I’m gonna have some ice cream that my beloved mother bought for me and watch the latter half of the first Star Wars movie. Thought I’d watch all of them before seeing the new one in December. Stoked about that! There’s something special about those movies, especially the darker ones from the late 70s and early 80s.

Now I leave you with a story that my new and funny colleague created for me the other day 😀



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