Just watched another episode of Black Mirror. Turns out it’s a great show. Not that I didn’t expect it to be since I’ve heard a lot about it in various podcasts. Still, it’s always nice when you come across something that you enjoy. This last episode reminded me a whole lot of Her and Ex Machina.

It’s Monday. This day has been quite good. So was the weekend. Managed to make a few persons happy in the last couple of days. Warms my heart. Today I was out running with some friends. Felt good in the light rain. Not to mention the surrounding darkness. Apart from that not much to say really. Another good day at the office actually. Helps that I have the best of friends there. You all make me smile and feel special.

Tomorrow is payday. I want to eat something good. I wonder what that would be though. But I’m actually hungry as I type this, haha. Wonder if that’s a good thing. I should sleep.

Love ya~