Another good day. Spent most of it sleeping though since I woke up early with a terrible stomach ache. Had to take a sick day and slept till like noon. Probably had something running in my system. So, quite the slow day. Didn’t do a whole lot. Spinning. Watched Captain Fantastic, a movie I can recommend. Feel good. And made some interesting points about society in general.

Had planned to spend the last hours of the day playing Doom but all of a sudden reconnected with an old friend of mine. She’s been a close friend for almost 8 years now but we’ve never gotten around to see each other and we talk rarely these days. None the less, when we reconnect it’s like we pick up where we left off months back. It’s precious when you have friends like that. And it’s not like you just exchange worthless words either. You actually feel like you reach the other person with your words.

Today she told me that whatever the situation I almost always make her smile and make her feel better. Those words went straight to my heart and I’m glad to say that it’s the same the other way around. It’s precious with friends like that. And I must say that it’s great to have friends that are outside of your every day life. Cause they get a completely different perspective on things, which can sometimes be great. So yeah, friends that you truly care about. Let them know that’s the case, with both words and actions ♥

Tomorrow is Friday and we’re having burgers at work. Yay~