Going to bed early tonight. Feels great actually. I don’t know what has happened to me but I think it has to do with the fact that I’ve become more calm as a person. Less stressed. That I’ve realized that there is a day tomorrow and not everything has to be done today. Because tomorrow won’t kill me. Well, hopefully, hehe.

Today was one of those regular days. Nothing out of the ordinary. But it was good actually. Got a haircut in the morning which felt great. Great. It had become humongous again. And of course everyone says that it would be lovely to have such hair. Maybe? I dunno. Had a nice chat with Rolf. Wonderful person. At work, business as usual. It was one of those messy days where my thoughts drifted constantly and I couldn’t really focus on work. Or at any particular task. Didn’t help that I had a long talk with a colleague. But I was happy we did! One of those good ones.

And here’s the thing. A while back I expressed that I had had a slight interest in her, since frankly she’s great to talk to, funny, charming and all that. It’s very unlike me since there was nothing to be gained from that except possibly that compliments are never a bad thing. But none the less, it feels good to be frank and get things out of your system. That has helped me to let go of it and move on, and while I at first was afraid that it would push the person away, I feel now that that is hopefully not the case which made me a happy puppy.

This evening I got home a bit later than usual but I managed to muster up some energy to sit on the spinning bike for an hour and sweat my ass off. Felt great. I was trying out exercising to music this time, mostly at least, and it felt good. It’s a bit easier to push yourself harder when you have something energetic to listen to. Might adapt what I’m “consuming” to what kind of exercise I’m doing. Today was long intervals. 5-7 minutes.

Then a friend came over and we watched an episode of The Night Of. Interesting series so far. HBO rarely disappoints. So that rounded off what I’d like to call an average day. Nothing out of the ordinary, but still with glimpses of goodness. And it’s great to feel that when you let go of your expectations and obligations to do something “good” out of your day, then it’s easier to go to bed in the evening feeling relaxed and knowing that well, it wasn’t all that bad really. Rather the opposite.

Just one of those things I’ve learned over the past year thanks to my lovely therapist.

Nights and hugs~