Amazing, amazing weekend. Had a real good one. And I’m having hopes for the future as well. Things are looking bright. Or at least that’s what I’m feeling at the moment. That might change very quickly, knowing me. Haha. But let’s keep a solid and hopeful focus for now!

Since I’m frankly extremely tired at the moment and barely able to stay awake I’ll just let the photos speak for themselves mostly. But I’m happy I was able to hang out with my bestie again. I’m happy that a person I wanted to get to know last year has reached out to me again. Got to sleep next to the cutest kitty cat. I’m happy to have gotten to know some mountain bikers from around here. I also got to hang out with the cutest and most loving kids this weekend. Gosh, I’m melting. And I got to round off the weekend slow paced style watching a movie with a good friend and just chilling on my bed. Can’t really ask for more.

For once I’m going to bed early and will ATTACK this next week with charged batteries. Hope you all will have a good one! Hopefully I’ll see you next weekend if not sooner. Bye and hugs~~

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