I swear, I gotta do as little as possible tomorrow. It has been an amazing but hectic weekend. And now I have an energy requiring week coming up as well. Let’s hope I’ll manage to hold together! It should be fine. Just not worry about anything before the situation arises. I’ve learned pretty well to deal with my worries. So, putting that aside for now.

Been eating lots of good food. Lots of unhealthy snacks as well. Seeing friends all weekend. Watched Västgötaloppet yesterday during amazing weather and meeting fun peeps. Even got to talk briefly with the male winner. Hung out with Nadja and Anders and their lovely kids. Visited Pernilla and Lars in Jönköping and got to see their lively little child! Watched the new Independence Day with Eric (yeah it was decent, really). Biked, of course. Nothing spurs you on as much as watching other people biking and having a good time doing it. I feel pumped up about exercising and getting fit for next year.

Now I’m just winding down. Having a weekend full of fun is a bit like a doubled edged sword. It’s a hell of a lot of fun but at the end of the weekend you’re left with drained batteries and you have a whole new week coming up. Filled with work. So you gotta find a way to deal with that. Preferably by doing as little as possible apart from working, haha.

Soooooooo. That means falling asleep right about now. Yep. Nite folks~





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