Yeah. Fun day. Fun day but sombre mood. It’s been good weather and I’ve been out walking and also sat on the spinning bike for an hour or so. But yeah, generally a good day. Felt creative. And fun. Rewarding. Again happy that I’m surrounded by my precious colleagues. It’s a pleasure to work with you and if anyone of you ever happen to read this, you all have a special place in my tiny&fragile heart. Lovesies! The weather even was so good that we managed to FIKA on the balcony. ICE CREAM FOR THE WIN!

Now for some maltesers and perhaps a movie or some TV series episode. Eventually, possibly, maybe, I will get back here some day and talk about some movies I’ve seen lately that I might be able to recommend. I still wanna share my experiences from Cykelvasan as well but whenever will I find that energy?! I’m guessing never. I should say that I’ve signed up for next year’s race though. As well as V├Ątternrundan 300km. My butt and groin will love me.

Signing out. Peace. Hugs. Kisses. And all that ♥