I don’t know what it is with me and gripping movies. It is a love hate relationship. On one hand I really love them. I love to be moved. I love to feel. I love to laugh. And cry. It makes you feel alive. On the other hand it also gets you in touch with your feelings and your innermost longings. It can be quite painful at times, since those things are stuff that you push aside from your everyday life and that you only get reminded of from time to time when they pop up like Jack in the box. In the end though it is a pleasant feeling and you do want those moments. They are very dear to me and I never regret it.

Just now I watched this very touching and heart warming movie called Brooklyn. It starred an actress that I really like and that I think is quite underrated. She is so talented and so pretty. She does her roles with such calm and elegance. Especially in this movie. I would very much like to recommend it. It is somewhat of a coming of age movie and also about issues that we all might come to deal with. Perhaps that is why you feel so much what of what Eilis (the main character) goes through emotionally.