What a nice day! I hung out with Stina, L&H+kids and my family. We went shopping, walked the dog, had lunch down by the lake and just had a good time basically. I found some neat things that I wanted for the trip and also bought this really cute backpack for Molly.

These past hours have been spent watching Cap America Civil War and packing for the trip. God I hate packing. Such a chore. It’s not really hard it’s just boring. Something you need to get done. You have it all done in your head but you have to actually do it too. Me, lazy?! Naaaaaaw.

Not much else to say. I don’t like the feeling of not bringing enough entertainment. But I figure I can always buy a book or download an audio book if I run out. Apart from that I’m always so silly. I always look at what I leave behind. Missing the friends, colleagues, my cats and so on. Instead of looking forward to what’s to come. But I think that’ll change as soon as we’re on the plane. 

Tomorrow I’m going with Lennart, Henriette and the kids to Liseberg. They’re then driving me to the airport. We’re taking off around 6pm I think and will be in Alcudia four hours later. 

So yeah. I better go sleep now. Getting up in five hours or so. Pushing the hours as usual.

You sleep tight, alright? I’ll be missing you. But see you in a week! *hugs*