Another day at the office. Literally, and figuratively. Today was a fun day and I’m glad I was able to break free from yesterday’s gloomy grip on me. And even though today’s bike ride ended up being cold and windy I’m trying to stay positive going into fall. Work is going well and we’re continuing to laugh and help each other out. My sessions with my therapist is also positive. She thinks I’m doing very well which is always good to hear considering that you sometimes might doubt that. But I do feel that I’ve become stronger. I don’t give in as easily. I fight and I make what might look bad into something good, and if not good at least something less bad. Proud of myself for that.

But I’m also happy that I have my precious friends and family. Whatever would I do without you? <3

So nothing out of the ordinary today. Just wanted to post a couple of words letting you know that I’m not going into a negativa spiral again 😉