Those gloomy and gray days are coming more and more often now it seems. Today, although the past couple of days have been real good, I haven’t been able to push the somewhat sad thoughts aside. I’m a person who thrives during spring and summer. It really helps my general wellbeing and happiness. Not to mention now that I’ve grown so fond of cycling. It’s simply not as appealing during the colder part of the year. So today when we had the discussion at work and a colleague mentioned something about starting to yearn, or rather gear up for, winter and christmas I was like… yeah, damn. Maybe that is what one has got to do.

I don’t really want to succumb to that notion though. I’m hoping for a bright and sunny fall. A pretty fall with good happenings and emotions. My tiny, fragile and fluttering heart trembles at the thought of more challenges and hardship so let’s just hope fall and winter will be good to me. And let’s hope some sun in Majorca next week will bring back some positive energy that I’ll be able to ride on for the coming weeks. Otherwise I just can’t help but think that the best of the year is behind me. Which is saddening but I’m gonna force myself to think positive. Thankfully I have friends at my side willing to help me out and hold me above the surface.

Gosh, and I just watched the last episode of Mad Men. That was tough! I feel so sentimental right now 😉