I continue to ride on the positive energy that I got from last week in Sälen and literally fly through this week in style. Work has been going really smoothly with some interesting meetings and happy to see my colleagues again. And all of a sudden it’s weekend. Swoooosh. The only setback this week was that one of my cats had gotten an injury on one of his front teeth. Luckily I got a time at the vets and they pulled the tooth out and now he’s all fine again <3

Now I’m here on the computer, planning what to share with you guys, and also thinking about what to do this weekend. Well I know most of it already but there are a few hours unplanned. Today I’m biking with Daniel, brother to one of my old besties Jonas. In the evening I’m hanging out with Elin and watching a movie. Tomorrow going to Borås to visit grandma with my family and then visiting another Elin, this time my colleague, and we’re hopefully going to the movie theatre to watch Captain Fantastic or Nerve. Time will tell 🙂

For now I think I need to head down to Ica to do some shopping. The fridge is almost empty apart from all the liquor and hot sauces. Need some pasta before today’s exercise. I also want to play some Doom and experiment with overclocking the HTPC to see what results can be gained. I put a GTX 1080 in that computer too and the CPU is so old that it bottlenecks the GPU even at 1080p. But it’s quite cool to see that it can deliver 50-60fps at maxed out settings. Apart from the GPU I paid like 500 bucks for the entire computer.

Now for some breakfast! Have a nice weekend everyone! 🙂