Sorry for the short outage! Just before I went to Sälen I had a hard drive failure in my server and I didn’t dare keep it powered on while being away. Another failure would have resulted in all of my data being lost forever. Not to keen on that happening 🙂

Came back home this Saturday and the drive is now replaced and the server up and running again. What a week it has been! What a week. I’m so happy I decided to take a couple of days off work to go up there. We’ve had some great days. I’ve had some great days. Trekking the mountain. Biking. Hanging out with new people. Eating good food. And of course Cykelvasan.

But now I gotta go to bed since it’s back to business (work) tomorrow. It’s already a bit too late if I’m honest. I wonder why I always end up this way when I’m working. When I was away this week I got to bed pretty early and always woke up early. Now that I know I have to get up to work it sucks going to bed. Oh well.

Will get back to the previous week in a coming post shortly. Promise! So many photos to show as well as experiences from the bike race. For the moment I’ll just leave you with this photo that I got from Anders. Thanks bro!

Sleep tight~