Spent the weekend hanging out with a friend that I haven’t seen in a long time. Was fun to catch up and though we didn’t really do much time really flew by and it felt like the weekend was over in an instant. Went to one of his friend’s summer cabin in the woods outside of Vaggeryd. Such a beautiful place. One of the best things with Sweden and Swedish summer.

Today I went for a bike ride and eventually managed to find a time slot when it didn’t rain. Eventually. Cause it’s darn near impossible. In the evening hung out with Elin and watched the movie London has fallen. Pretty cool! Not the most original idea but it had good pacing at least. Never went boring. Apart from that I finished the sixth season of Mad Men today. Damn it’s good. It’s a series that draws you in. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what makes it’s so good but I think it’s because you really care about the people portrayed. Top notch acting. Love them.

Tomorrow is a new day and then we’ll be going to pick up my mountain bikes that has been serviced. Also going to meet up with sis and try out Badabing burgers 🙂

Nighty fellas!