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Computer upgrades

Last time I did an upgrade to my computer was in February three years ago. I then stuck two GeForce GTX 670 in it and ran SLI. That worked really well back then since one single card couldn’t really max all games and still run at 60 fps or higher. Back then the Kepler based GTX Titan was the king of the hill and that was still slower than my two 670s. But yeah, like I said, it wasn’t enough to run all my games at or above 60 fps in 1920 x 1200.

A couple of weeks back I bought a new monitor for the PC. I’ve been eyeing the ultrawide monitors for some years now. Was really close to buying LGs first 34 inch one but realized I wouldn’t be using it that much since I wasn’t playing any games or sitting on the computer back then. Lately I’ve been doing much more of that so I thought it was about time to upgrade the computer a bit. Bought myself a Dell 34 inch ultrawide and to go along with that I also upgraded the GPU.

It’s quite amazing that now you can get a GPU that can run pretty much all games at that ultrawide resolution above 60 fps. So no real need for a G-sync monitor really. The GPU in question is of course nVidias new Pascal-based GTX 1080. It almost manages to run games in 4K at over 60fps with settings cranked up. At 3440 x 1440 which is the resolution I’m using on the Dell monitor it runs every game really well. So yeah, stoked!

Now I’m looking forward to playing some games on it, like Doom, Fallout 4, Dirt Rally, Assetto Corsa and Starbound 🙂








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  1. You enjoy the card? Whats the cons?

    • I sure do! The 1080 is a beast of a card. I’ve never quite been able to max out the games that I’ve played through the years. For instance I was running GTX 670s in SLI but still wasn’t able to push 60+ fps in Crysis 3. Now pretty much every game that I’ve tried on my 34″ 21:9 monitor has been running smoothly at 60 fps or higher, even though the resolution is much higher. Pretty rad!

      As for cons. Well, this particular card is quite big and heavy. I have an MSI Gaming X as well, and while it’s taller it’s not nearly as heavy. On the upside it’s silent. I’ve heard some complaints about the fans, that they’re spinning up unnecessarily between stopped and spinning mode. Apparently Zotac is looking into this. Something to do with the fans and how they react to voltage levels. Another con might be that the lighting aren’t RGB, if you’re into stuff like that. You only have like 6-7 colors to choose from. I don’t mind a whole lot though, but Asus card might be better suited if you want to achieve color sync with other components.

      But all in all it’s really quite the card. It feels well built, it’s nicely overclocked out of the box and it runs pretty much everything you throw at it with ease 🙂

      Let me know what card you end up buying!

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