The days are merging together when you’re on vacation. You don’t really care what weekday it is and what you have done on certain days. You have to think really hard to remember what you have been up to exactly, haha. Haven’t done anything extraordinary lately but it’s been good days, especially given the weather. Been out biking a whole lot.

Today I’m having a bit of a downer. I’ve gotten a cold so I’m sleeping badly, coughing, sneezing and have a headache. Apparently our barbecue night with friends at work won’t be happening either and our planned trip to Norway got postponed to the future. I don’t hear a whole lot from people. Bla bla bla. It’s not a world crisis but days like these I feel them a little bit extra. But here’s to thinking positive!

Yesterday I hooked up with Micael and went to the cinema to watch Star Trek Beyond. And I’m so happy it went well since I’ve had issues over the past year or so with my anxiety when it comes to that. No idea why. But yeah. Relief! It started out good, went a bit mellow in the middle and then got awesome towards the end. There is something special about science fiction really. And on the topic of science fiction, I finished Stranger Things. I will get back to that series in a separate post because it was so, so great! Also picked up Mad Men again. I’ve the last two seasons left to watch. Been putting it off a bit since I watched the show together with my ex and honestly I miss watching it with her. But it’s such a good show (and damn I’ve missed the silverback, so funny!) that can’t be wasted so thought I’d finish it before my vacation ends 🙂

Today I’m getting something awesome delivered by a friend as well and I’m picking up a new pair of Oakley shades that came in the mail today. Let’s hope I get better soon so I have the energy to put all of these things to use. In the mean time, have a good time y’all!