I guess no one reading this blog has missed that I’ve started to like biking. And biking with friends makes it even more fun! Today I did 120km on the bike and most of those were spent together with friends. I don’t ride with friends a whole lot so it was awesome to get out on the roads with them today. Especially since the weather was great for once!

Today I also had a positive experience whilst dealing with some issues that I came across while ordering a product online. Usually I don’t have the energy to get in touch with the retailer and sort it out, I just wait politely for the matter to get resolved in due time. But I got a bit frustrated this time so I decided to see what the fuck had went wrong. Was worth the effort this time around since I was greeted by a polite guy working at the company and he explained the situation, had an apology ready and even offered me something in return for waiting. Faith in humanity restored!

Apart from that I placed an order on a couple of new shades from Oakley today. I’ll post some photos of them once they arrive.

But now, sleep~~