Really good day! Filled with mostly good stuff, although a whole lot of work. But it’s been effective and very productive. At the moment I have the feeling that I could accomplish anything and I feel that I’m actually really good at what I do. I always find creative ways to solve problems that are handed to me. And I’m not trying to brag, just being proud of what I’m capable of.

Today a colleague and good friend celebrated his 30th birthday by the way. Together with all of the other colleagues I had raised some money and bought him some presents. Whisky infused beer and snus, a cigar and a small cactus. We also got a cake of course. I think he was happy. Was fun. Also had lots of fun with Erik and Elin. Laughing and laughing.

After work I headed home for a break. Put my running shoes on and went up to Lassalyckan where I went for an 8km run. Felt great. Even though my heart rate was high I didn’t really feel exhausted. And I kept a good pace as well. My momentum feels good coming into mine and Aigul’s challenge, which is UT-milen in almost a week. Exciting! 🙂

Now I’ve been putting in some additional work hours, ended up working from 9pm to after midnight. Crazy, but it all went well. I’m tired now though. Gonna watch an episode of New Girl and then head to bed.

Night fellahs~! :*