What a lovely weekend! I always think that a sure sign that you’ve had a good time is that you think to yourself, “What?! Already?!”. Feel properly blessed right now since just being feels really good. I think the fact that I’ve had a really tough work week as well helps that. It’s like I really deserved two days off and then I made them count. Without really trying too hard. But I’ve had exceptional help.

Friday I spent with my family eating tacos and catching up. Sis has gotten a job over at IKEA this summer. Truly happy for her! Means she can say goodbye to the local cheese warehouse. After that I hung out with my best buddy and watched the last two episodes of The Fall (plus had a couple of nice beers of course!). A series I can thoroughly recommend. Very exciting! Apparently there is a third season coming out later this year. Ended up staying up real late on Friday night, felt good.

On Saturday I slept in a bit and then got a call from an old colleague who I haven’t seen in a month or so. We went out for a longer run and her daughter went biking alongside. Missed them both so it was fun to see them. After that they invited me to stay for lunch and her husband spoiled us with fillet of elk. It was leftovers from the day before but it was so tender. Best meat I’ve had in a while.

After that I went home and rested a bit before taking the bike out to Sonja and Lars on Ängsö. Before that I had a run in with my landlord’s son too. Turns out he had a downhill bike which looked, well, PROPER! Really cool. But anyway, took my Trek out and went to the island on the outskirts of Ulricehamn. My friends have their summer house there. Honestly, such a nice place and now they’ve built a guest house as well. Hung out and cuddled with the kids, talked, ate good food, drank beer and wine. Precious people. Precious precious. If you’re reading this, love you guys!

Today we just say on the beach and enjoyed the sun and the gentle breeze. The kids played by the lake and in the sand. Actually got a light tan. Oh and I slept in the guest house and had some really weird dreams, haha. Remember that Sonja came and woke me up in the middle of the night (in the dream that is) and had some weird group of people with her. They told me that I had to come with them, otherwise all hell would break lose. And it sure did since I was like.. to hell with you, I want to sleep. Get out. Then war broke out on the island and yeah. Haha. So weird. Anyway, after a few hours I went home since it was lunch time.

Also got to ride my Trek on some mountain bike roads for the first time this year. My legs weren’t what they used to be. I felt tired, but it was fun! It will be fun to ride the bike more this year at some cool places. In just a month or so I’ll be taking part in my second ever bike race, Göteborgsgirot 140km. Getting a bit nervous thinking about it. Many people will be taking part.

This evening I’ve just been relaxing. Taking a bath. Texting with Hannah. Chatting with a couple of friends. Not doing anything in particular. It’s almost midnight but I wanna watch something before going to bed. Perhaps have a beer and some popcorn. Don’t mind not getting too much sleep tonight. I won’t be breaking much of a sweat tomorrow. At work or at home.

That’s my weekend. Quite perfect if you ask me. Love my family. Love my friends. Love the kids. What more can you ask for?

Hope you guys also had a good weekend. Love~





Swan by the lake


Goodies ^_^;;


More goodies ^_^;;;


Friend’s daughter Milla <3


Biking on the old railroad segment


The kids’ hangout


Me and Sonja <3


Lil’ Erik fell asleep on my lap


Another view from Ängsö


Sonja had built the kids a tree house


The kids <3


Scott Gambler


After a couple of hectic days.. 🙂