If it weren’t for the fact that it’s Tuesday today I would have definitely gotten drunk and watched a sappy movie. That’s the feeling I have right now. And it’s quite nice. It’s been a good day, and quite a few good days lately actually. The days before that weren’t all that great but contrast is good. It’s good to know where you’re at.

Looking forward to some days off work now. Have no real plans to be honest. Well I’ll be going out with family to celebrate my birthday and eat crazy good food at the local restaurant. Looking forward to that of course. And we reserved tickets to Batman v Superman today too. I think we might be in for a positive surprise when it comes to that screening actually. But we’ll see. Oh and yeah, I’m having lunch with the biking guys on Friday. Funzzzz!

I think I’ll be going to bed real soon. It’s good to feel rested. Plus my eye is signaling to me that you’re tired, go to bed. I have one of those jerky eyelids you know. Fucking ticks.

Anyways, here, have a sappy song from the king of sappy song writers. Makes me think of all the people I’ve loved. Which isn’t too bad quite frankly. They’re all good. And it’s a good song. I’ve been listening to it excessively lately. Sleep tight lovebirds~