Utterly drained of energy right now. But feeling lots and lots better than I did Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Thankfully! I’ve had a lovely evening with Hannah. Eating all kinds of bad and started to watch Orange is the new black. Eager to watch more since it seems like a fun show with interesting characters. I love character dramas really. Once you’re into it you’re like friends and you just want more and more. I’ve not had that since Mad Men (maybe Penny Dreadful) so hopefully this will be something good.

I’ve had to juggle quite a few things at work lately that I’m not used to do so that has taken a toll on my energy levels. It’s working but I feel like I’m stretched out a bit too thin. Glad it’s appreciated though but I hope that it works out more efficiently eventually. This is a bit too unstructured and problematic for my taste.

I’ve also had somewhat of a falling out with a friend. Or not sure what it is really, and I hope we can sort it out eventually, but it’s been hard on me since I don’t like to not know what’s going on. Not entirely sure what I’ve done wrong but it hurts me to see this person feel bad and hurt, especially if I suspect that I’ve done something. But I’ve tried my best to reach out and show that I’ve had no ill intentions and that I’m here to support and that’s about all I can do I guess. Now I have to protect myself too. Otherwise I’m scared of falling back into the pit I was a year back. Had lots of support from friends though and that means the world. I would probably punish myself even harder without them there to say that “You’re too nice” and “No, you’ve done nothing wrong Michael! You’ve only ever been supportive!”. So hopefully I can lay my worry and uneasiness to rest now. Wishing my friend all the best though! I know you’re strong and you’ll get through this ♥

We did have a great Friday evening though. Spent it at Restaurant Kallbadhuset, spending possibly too much money but having lots of laughs and a hell of a good time. Why don’t we do this more often?

Now I better get some sleep because I was a wreck today. Don’t wanna end up like that tomorrow. Sleep tight buddies~