Summing up the weekend I can only say that it’s felt far too short. I also realize that I had some expectations for it, even though I had nothing real planned. Friday was great, hanging out with Lennart, Henriette and Andreas. Playing around with the kids, eating good food and playing cards. Saturday was decent too, watching The Big Short with Andreas.

Just before going to bed I got a bad feeling though and it continued until the next day. Didn’t really feel like doing anything but I had planned to go for a run with a friend so headed out. Turns out we misunderstood each other and she didn’t turn up so in the end I had to go back home without any exercise. What was supposed to save the day became the nail in the coffin. After that I’ve spent the entire day on the bed, no energy what so ever and with the worst gut feeling ever. Hopefully it’ll be better tomorrow.

Sleep tight.