Feeling good as of late although it’s quite delicate to be honest. It goes up and down. But the weather sure helps in keeping your spirits high. Spring is coming. And isn’t it lovely? Also I have so many good things to look forward to. On Friday I’m visiting Lennart & Henriette. Their daughter turned three today, so I bought her some presents that I’m gonna hand over. Also I got a few friends together for next Friday. Going to Kallbadhuset to eat good food and drink some good beer.

Want to do some shopping as well. Sometimes I just get into that mood where I feel that it will be fun to spend some money. And sometimes several months goes by without that very urge. In any case now I wanna buy some new shoes, a new spring jacket and a couple of jeans. Aigul offered to tag along and help me out with selecting some nice ones and also maybe going to the theatre. Would be fun!

But now it’s really, really late and I have to catch some sleep. It has been some tough days lately with lots of work. Thankfully I’m not sick anymore so I can exercise which makes you feel energized and well. Anyways, sleep tight fellow babies~