It’s Monday folks. Hope you’ve had a good ‘un! Mine was actually really good and I got a whole lot done. Though right now the clock actually turned 00:00. So I didn’t quite manage to squeeze in the blog post but almost. Recently came home from a lecture on bike maintenance that me and Lennart went to. Interesting! Being able to do some of the things yourself on the bike saves some money which is always nice. Plus it’s nice to know how things work and what you can do to fix them, if only temporarily, while you are out riding.

Had a blast of a weekend, and end to the week in general. It was a pretty tough week the last one to be honest. Lots of deadline to meet at work and aside from that there’s a lot going on that I have to carry out in my spare time. There were some frustration at work where we had some arguments about stupid stuff and I felt a bit bad about it but luckily we all ended on good terms. Got the best of hugs from one of the persons I had been arguing with and she was genuinely happy that we had pulled ourselves together and made something really good. Made me happy since our friendship is very dear to me~

Spent most of my weekend in Limmared with my good friends Sonja&Lars and their lovely kids. I had promised to help them out with some web stuff so we decided to make something fun out of it and hang out the day before, eat lots of goodies and watch a movie. Watched Self/less which was actually pretty good. Got to goof around with the kids too which is always very heartwarming. Picturing myself as a dad doesn’t feel all that remote and weird any longer. Maybe one day…

Got to talk to two beloved friends as well, Hannah and Eva. Me and the former are getting together later this week to plan a summer trip. Stoked about that! We’ve had some small talks about maybe going hiking and I’d really like to see the beautiful landscapes of Norway. Now that’d be something for the camera. I’d have to get a selfie stick for the GoPro as well, haha.

Watched the last episode from the second season of Penny Dreadful today. God that ended on a sad note. I can literally feel all of the characters’ pain. Excruciating. While at the same time being good of course. It’s so dark. And there are shimmers of hope in there as well which makes it all such a beautiful contrast. I can really recommend this show to anyone, as long as you’re not scared of watching something that can be a little haunting and gritty.

What else? Well I signed up for Halvvättern for this summer. So now I have 4-5 races to take part in. Göteborgsgirot. Halvvättern. Cykelvasan. UT-milen. Västgötaloppet. Might sign up for Kretsloppet as well but we will see. Don’t know how well my body will hold up yet. Excited anyway!

Now I’m gonna head to bed since it’ll be a long day tomorrow. Going to visit one of our clients for instance, High Chaparral. That’s always an adventure 🙂

Sweet dreams to all of you~