Watched the first episode of the new X-files season today. Promising! I haven’t watched all of the old ones but I can say for sure that they brought back the same feeling that the show had back then. Of course it won’t be entirely the same as I was a youngster and super scared of the theme song back in the days. Looking forward to the remaining five episodes.

Jonathan Blow also released his second game after seven years in the making. The Witness is a puzzle game that fans of Myst and Riven will probably take a liking to. The graphics reminds me of a game that’s being released quite soon called Firewatch. Almost Wind Waker-esque. I have lots of games on my table so won’t be picking this up anytime soon but just wanted to let you guys know it’s finally out there. There are so many indie games offering gameplay that differs from the AAA games being made today. I like that. You want something that’s different. Something that can be appreciated in a different way.

For some weird reason I’m going to bed quite early as of late. I don’t have too much energy to do stuff during evenings. Usually I want to play and watch stuff but now. I just want to sleep. Which in a way is nice I think. Easier to get up in the morning. Somewhat at least. Tomorrow I’m going to try to be early at work so I can finish early as well. Heading over to Sonja and her family for a sleepover. Want to get some spinning in before that since tonight all I did was being lazy and ate snacks.

Oh and yeah. I signed up for this year’s UT-milen which is a running race being held here in town. 10km. Exciting! Also signing up for Halvvättern later this weekend. It’s going to be a year filled with fun 🙂

But now! Sleep tight guys~