Been having a real good weekend but felt a bit stressed towards the end if I’m honest. That’s entirely my own fault though since I had a bit too much planned for Sunday. Or things to squeeze in more precisely. So now I have to wind down before going to bed and do the rest of the stuff tomorrow. Nothing bad with that.

Started out great with company from the Hammarbergs. I only have love for those persons. Truly. It’s a shame I can’t see them more often since they don’t live in town anymore but I like every second I spend with them. They treated me to some good food, I got to cuddle with the children and then we ate snacks, drank yummy stuff and laughed our asses off. Even managed to squeeze some serious talk in as well. Got to see some of our mutual friends as well so all in all a really pleasant stay. Hope to see them soon again!

Also did some work and saw two of my best buddies. Took a nice walk in the lovely Sunday weather as well. Just wish I had some more time like I said. Another day would have been awesome this weekend. Seriously considering asking my boss if 80% is enough for me at work. To have three days off every week would be awesome. Then again I worry a bit about my pension and stuff like that. It’s a shame that money often gets in the way of feeling entirely well.

Btw, started to watch Penny Dreadful, the second season. Last episode was really good. Very strong on the emotional side. I like how dark it is. Plus the acting is great. Thoroughly recommended!

Now off to bed! Sleep tight friends~