Spent the day off sleeping and working out. So much for grand ambitions about cleaning and gaming. Well whatever. Who cares about the apartment anyway, right? 

Figure I’ll just dedicate this year to getting fit and not expect anything else nor prioritize anything else. I won’t by any means become successful but at least I’ll have to depend only on myself. I like that. Only I can disappoint myself then. And that’s easier to melt. 

Gotta stop being so nice also. Yields nothing in the long run. You’ll only end up pouring in too much energy and very, very rarely get the same returned. People are egoists after all, even me. That’s why I end up crashing and burning. I want what’s good for me but life, while very, very sweet indeed from time to time, more often than seldom deals you lemons. And no, you don’t make lemonade. You get very sour.

Uhm yeah. So. Rigorous exercise routines and less dependant on others to be happy. Maybe then I’ll find a life that’s gonna be bearable in the long run. It won’t be jackpot but neither will it be ecstasy one day followed by demise the next. 

Now two days of work then two days off again. Every week should be like that. It’s a good balance between work and spare time. Now if only I could teach myself to be a loner again that’d be nice. How the fuck did I manage that back in the days? It seems impossible these days. Might have to bring that up with my psychologist. 

Ok my eyes are closing on me. Better sleep so I have energy for tomorrow. Work is at least something I’m good at. Hopefully I’ll be able to help a person out as well, a person who is studying to become a Web developer. She was uncertain about a few things. Hopefully I will be able to shed some light on it so she can enjoy this profession as much as I do. 

Be well.