The other day I finished Wolfenstein The New Order (which by the way was a great shooter with a surprisingly abrupt but good ending) so today I picked up a couple of new games, namely Shovel Knight and The Witcher 3.

The first is a Megaman-esque platformer which also borrows a bit from the old Duck Tales game. What does this mean? Well, good level design, hard as fuck from time to time, music that sticks, good mechanics and fun and challenging bosses. The game is just like an old NES game when it comes to menus, gameplay, graphics and so on. Love it. But I can assure you that it’s a thin line between being pleased and being desperate, haha. Sometimes you just want to throw the controller at the TV.

The latter, Witcher 3, is a game that I’ve been wanting to play for a long time. Haven’t played an engaging role playing game for a while. Wonder what the last title was, Skyrim probably. Those games where you “just want to do another quest” before turning off. A year ago or so my intention was to dive into Dragon Age 3 but things came in between and the game was crippled with bugs as well so ended up not playing that. It’s probably a good game but I think Witcher is more to my liking. Battles are more action themed and the polish over all seems better.

From what I can tell there is a whole lot of content and it all comes down to just how many side quests you want to do, and how much of a completionist you’re gonna be. Where do you draw the line? I just finished the first “boss” so to speak, and now I wonder if I should venture forth or do more of the side quests in town. I’m sure you will be able to backtrack and do the missions later on since it’s an open world. It seems like you need to as well since if you’re only doing the main storyline you won’t level up enough to meet the mission requirements. Basically the game becomes too hard.

Anyway, looking forward to play more of it. I love these games where you really dive into the world and you want to know more about the characters and just do one more mission. But now… sleep! Because tomorrow (well today actually) is work. Yeeeha.