And so it happened that Halt and Catch Fire season 2 became one of the best shows of 2015. Just like that. I love that show to death. It feels REAL. Just in the way Mad Men manages to capture the atmosphere of advertising in the sixties HACF also manages to capture that very essence of software development, startups, Internet, and so on. You FEEL with the characters. Even more so in this second season. You wish you could be part of the gang. You want to support a character when they’re going through something tough. It’s like getting real intimate with a really good book. Honestly, I never wanted the episode to end. I caught myself pausing it just to see how many minutes were left. But of course it ended eventually, even though it was a couple of minutes longer than all of the other episodes from the season.

Luckily it has been renewed for a third season and I bet it will kick ass just as much as the two first installments. I love Cameron. I love Joe. And I love Donna. Not so much Gordon but maybe that’s because he’s so me. Joe is the guy I would wanna be. Handsome, successful, charismatic and brimming with self confidence. Felt so sad for him when shit hit the fan towards the end of the show. Didn’t deserve that. And Cameron is the kickass programmer I wish I knew. How come there aren’t more female programmers anyway? Really hoping the future will change that.

If you’re the least bit interested in tech and how it might have looked like before you had all of Internet in your smartphone and everything hit Facebook, well then I suggest you take a look at this show. It does so much right. From the depiction of how it must have been like to work with tech back then, to how people affect each other and their relationships. It effortlessly deals with females in roles typically held by men, homosexuality, being an outsider, betrayal and so much more. It just feels so natural. Love that.

Now the question is what series should fill the void after this one? I must say that I love shows where the characters feel real and you can relate like their lives could be your own. Please leave a comment if you have anyone to recommend.