Stayed up real late last night which meant going up around noon today. That’s often the case with me when I’m off work. I end up skewing my sleep routine. But as I work lately I try not to mind too much. I live my life as I want for the moment and one or two “slip-ups” is by no means bad. It feels nice just not to care so fucking much. Just doing what I want, and sometimes not doing anything at all.

So anyway today I ended up doing some work, fiddling with this plugin to InDesign called EasyCatalog. Basically it allows you to draw data from an external source and insert it into templates in the document. This makes populating a document much easier, especially when it comes to translation. My boss is kind of excited about it and so it makes it interesting for me to learn. I like automation and optimization.

Apart from that I exercised and hung out with friends. Met Hannah’s brother and his girlfriend, both of whom were really kind people who I’d like to gotten to know better but unfortunately there wasn’t too much time. But we played some Munchkin and talked for a while. Her brother is apparently into running so that’s cool cause I want to become better at that. Hopefully he will be able to teach me some tricks.

Feeling good about life right now. Tomorrow my dad is celebrating 60. We’re going with our family to Gothenburg for some good food and nice activities. Always a pleasure. Hope he’ll enjoy it. I’ve also been watching the second season of Halt and Catch Fire, a show that I really enjoyed during the first season. Really, really enjoyed and I love the characters. It’s like Mad Men. It draws you into the world and it makes you wanna be there. So thoroughly recommending that.

Today I was supposed to visit a friend in BorĂ¥s but he had to cancel due to illness so that leaves me with a day off. That means exercise and gaming. Maybe visiting another friend that I haven’t seen for a long time.