And so it is Christmas. And a haaaaaaaaaaaappy new…

No, not quite yet. One day to go. Today has been a mixed day with exercise, work and wrapping up the last things. Should’ve cleaned the apartment as well but who cares if there’s dirt all over, right? No one ever goes here anyway. Almost. So that’s a good thing!

Yesterday me and Andreas went to Gällstad to hang out with two of our best buddies. Also got to know two new peeps a bit better, both really kind and funny persons. Lots of good food, lots of candy and lots of laughter. Lots and lots of good stuff basically. This Christmas is turning into a much better one than the two previous years. Thumbs up!

Today I’m also very slow so you’ll have to make do with some photos. I’ve succeeded in forgetting to take photos of all of my christmas gifts sadly. All I have are ones of mine. That’s not so exciting but still. Have a nice evening everyone~