While I do love movies I have to say that I’m becoming more and more of a series person. It’s convenient since you don’t have to commit for 90-150 minutes, meaning it’s easier to digest than a feature film. It’s also nice since you get a relation to the characters that you very seldom get in movies. With anime that is certainly true and since the episodes are most often around 20 minutes they’re definitely an easy watch.

Used to be a real anime fan and watched countless of shows and episodes. Not so much as of late but I haven’t really lost my interest, just been prioritizing differently. The last show I watched was A Certain Scientific Railgun S which I liked (though it could have benefited from being shorter) and before that Steins;Gate, which was also good. This last week I’ve been watching a new show that has been getting a lot of attention – One Punch Man.

Instead of following a main protagonist who rises through the ranks, getting better and better, we instead follow Saitama who at the beginning of the show already is really, really strong. Basically he can deal with any enemy (monsters in this show) with a single punch. The world in which this series plays out is a world with various cities named City A, City B and so on. I don’t exactly remember the reason why it was like this, if I remember correctly it was told in the beginning of the show but it doesn’t really matter.

In these cities anyway, monsters have started to appear, and these are dealt with by heroes from the Hero Association. People with special powers that have enlisted to fight the monsters to protect the inhabitants of the cities. Saitama becomes one of these heroes and while he isn’t necessarily the smartest of the bunch he most certainly is the physically strongest. He’s also quite bipolar since he really wants to do this hero business but at the same time he’s not really energetic about it since no one can challenge his strength.

In short it’s actually really funny and you just want to watch the next episode as soon as the last one ended. This is what I’ve always liked in animes. The good ones tend to draw you in in a way that not many medias succeed in. Unfortunately I only have one episode left and that airs on Monday. Then I guess it’s just about waiting for a second season, which I’m sure will come given the success of this show.