Today has been a good day. And this week has been a good week generally. Maybe because I’ve been sleeping better. As well as being really productive at work. Plus being surrounded by my wonderfully lovely colleagues. I’ve also, with some help from mom, dad and Stina, to finish with all of my xmas gifts.

Yes, I did manage to buy a few even this year. Was able to call in some favors too so that helped. Spent the evening with Stina coming up with a rhyme for the annual “gift-to-a-colleague” present. We also did a funny card for him. I think it’ll be fine.

Tomorrow Stina is hosting a after work party of sorts. Or not really a party but a get together with some of my best colleagues. That’ll be fun. Excited actually. And we’re going to have so much goodies to eat. I have good things planned for the weekend too. Running with a couple of friends. Seeing Adina for the first time in ages. Star Wars marathon with Hannah. To mention a few. And next week is christmas and off work. Well just have to do Monday and Tuesday first but then free from work for a couple of weeks.

Sleep tight y’alls~