I could just show you the trailers right away because that’s really all that stands out in this quick update to be honest. At least to you, but not to me. So I will just say shortly that again I have my friends to thank for a whole lot of things. Despite being super tired (not sure what’s going on there, because all I do is sleep, yet my eyes are so heavy), it’s been some decent days lately.

Hung out with a new friend that also helped me hook up my new receiver, and we played some Rise of the Tomb Raider. Incredibly good looking game, as well as fun. Started watching the latest season of American Horror Story with Anna. Seems like it’s gonna be yet another good season. And fun to hear Swedish in yet another show, hehe. I also had some really meaningful talk with both Richard and Hannah today, and that meant a lot. I love that I’m able to be of help to others, and like really make a difference. Not that it’s super important, but I’m glad that I can feel good about myself by making other people feel better. If that makes any sense. I love that exchange with people. It’s connecting in a sense that’s really worth living for.

But yeah, hit me up with the trailers I hear you say. No worries! Did you know that it’s only one and a half week left till Christmas? Well I did say that I hate it but it’s not so bad. Plus, you’re free and you can rest up. So yeah. Here you go~