Bang. And another work week passed. Maybe because I finally have quite a few things to do at work, which makes things fun and the hours fly by. Not to mention it’s stimulating. I’ve had a good week, enriched by friends, kind acts, squeezing in some xmas gifts, visiting parents and nice things in general.

Yesterday for instance I went over to the neighbors at work to surprise them with a photo I’ve taken of them. They’re a couple 85 and 80 years old, very sweet and talkative. Ended up having coffee with them and talking for nearly two hours. They were so happy, and so was I. To think that such small things can make a person’s day.

Then I was positively surprised that my landlord offered to pay for a new receiver to replace my old broken one. I can’t think of many people being that nice today, when they don’t really need to. Felt like an xmas gift that came early.

About the only things “bad” right now is that I’m really, really tired and that I’ve grown an interest for a person I shouldn’t have those kind of feelings for. Creates an emotional turmoil that takes it form in various ways. So don’t mind all the rant that goes on here from time to time.

Have a good weekend all of you and pray for a good christmas for everyone around the globe~