Jesus christ. My touchpad is giving in right now. And I have no money to repair it. Refusing to repair it. It’ll have to work until it’s completely broken. Yeah, really. It’s a tempting idea to buy a new computer but I have no need for anything more than this really. Should steal one from work.

So. It’s Friday. I was telling the colleagues how nice it is that it’s Friday. But is it really? I’ve been having a quite good week. Finally having something to work on. The hours flying by more or less. Being productive. Feels nice. Now that it’s weekend it’s all about passing the hours again. Because what do you do really? Sit at home and play games. It’s fun but it’s not too stimulating.

Anyway. Now the touchpad finally gave up and I connected a real mouse. Damnit. I need to get a screwdriver that is adequate to open up this computer. Hoping that it’s dust or something that’s preventing the touchpad from working. But that’s not exactly the worst case scenario.

So. Today. Mmm. Well, contemplating what to buy my friends for xmas gifts. It’s a challenge given that I don’t really have a whole lot of money compared to the other years. But I’m gonna find something. I have to find something for one of my colleagues at work too. We have this thing where we get a randomly selected colleague to buy an xmas gift for. And damn, we have to figure out a rhyme too. Or whatever you call it. One of those short fucking poems that gives away (somewhat) what’s in the gift.

OH HELGA NATT. It’s storming outside. And my cats are outside. I should probably go down and see if they wanna go in.

Yeah. But my day is not over. So have a nice weekend everyone. This was the most useless post in a long, long time. HA!

PS. Why the fuck does booze make your brain not behave?! It’s nice though.

PPS. Does it look like I give a single fuck about you?! Yeah right. Unless you prove worthy you can go to hell.