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Heavy heart

Yesterday was a shitty day apart from getting Coldplay tickets and being productive at work. Fucked up feelings and no money to buy xmas presents this year. So I spent the evening listening to Coldplay’s new magnificent single Everglow and tearing up like a heartbroken soul. Such an awesome song that’s sure to become a classic just like Yellow, Fix You, Charlie Brown and the likes. Will be an emotional experience to see them live finally ♥

Apart from that I’ve also been listening to Adele’s new album which is also good. Want to see her live as well. And hopefully I’ll be able to next year. Now I’m gonna hurl up in bed again and pray for better mood. Take care~~

Emerald Lake Lodge

Emerald Lake Lodge


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  1. Vem ska du på Coldplay med?
    Jag vill också med!! :c

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